APMI’S learning mode

Can’t decide yet where to enroll your kid this academic year?
Consider APMI’s 3-in-1 Learning Mode in the new normal that maximizes your child’s learning opportunity.


Asynchronous eLearning

List of Classroom Sessions

Online Learning Platform

APMI provides students with an online personalized learning platform, IXL, to support daily lessons and ensure that skills in Math, Science, and English are globally competitive. It features a comprehensive curriculum, Real-Time Diagnostic, and actionable analytics that deliver everything the teachers need to help students reach their full potential. It is the world’s most popular learning site for K–12.

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Virtual face-to-face

Virtual Face to FaceVirtual face-to-face class with live, competent teachers to discuss daily lessons as scheduled and provide live class interaction between teachers and students.

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students in virtual face to face class will be provided with advanced soft copy of learning modules for advanced study and reference in case they miss a virtual class session for any reason or hard copy of the same modules for students without or with a weak internet signal.

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